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I'm just testing this...
Nothing to see here, move along.


Imran Nazar
United Kingdom
There are two major groups of response that tend to be elicited from an ID such as that above. One line of thought runs as follows: "That's a bit cliché for a developer, isn't it?"

If that was your response, congratulations: you're a normal person.

The other, less frequently expressed, line of thought is: "What kind of assembly is that? Looks like it could be 6809..." If that was your first reaction, you've delved a little too deeply into the arcane arts of programming for obsolete computers, and should seek medical assistance.

For what it's worth, it's 6510.


Resharing something Pickley shared: that can only end well.
Astrofighter - Wakatobi by animot
Astrofighter - Wakatobi
codename: wakatobi
pencak silat sapu jagat

- whitenoise…
- starkiller…


some deviants pointed out that this guy looks like grunt from halo series,
after i did a quick googling, i understand why, they do have some similarities.
i don't play halo and not very familiar with it's universe, but i do admire the armor designs
for master chief and spartans.

i'm happy if you guys like or enjoy my art because it reminds you to a character or universe that you love,
but i just wanna say that this is pure coincidence, i have no intention to take or rip off other design.

astrofighters' concept is astronauts wearing combat suit and booster pack fighting in space,
each with their own martial art modified for zero gravity combat, and the suit design is inspired by animals.
wakatobi is inspired by octopus, whitenoise -> rabbit, and  starkiller -> turtle.
Saturn V (Continuous Line) by inazar
Saturn V (Continuous Line)
Drawn with the Sketchbook app, using a far-too-fat finger on a phone. I should invest in a stylus...
Behind the Hollywood Sign by inazar
Behind the Hollywood Sign
Standing at an elevation of 1500 feet in the barren hills of California, the Hollywood sign is a pilgrimage site for all those who are dedicated in their cause of decadent Western capitalism. And the occasional hiker who likes sore feet.

I should probably get an actual camera: the phone can do panoramas, sure, but four hundred pixels high? Plz.


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The TPP would push for the widespread use of Digital Rights Management software, or DRM, to prevent consumers from tinkering with devices or content for purposes that corporations fear will infringe their copyrights and patents. Consumers could be prevented from unlocking their mobile phones to change telecom carriers, and prevent documentary filmmakers and other artists from breaking encryption on DVDs or sampling online streaming videos, where legal threats could be faced even if the video is created legally. People with visual or reading disabilities could be prevented from changing the formats of books and movies to make them more accessible. Not only unauthorized content, but also unauthorized software, could be blocked under the TPP's digital locks provisions. There is NO EVIDENCE that DRM does much to combat copyright infringement or protect consumers from viruses. All DRM does is suppress companies that promote innovation, criminalize sharing, and hinder and break the Internet and new technologies.

This is an emergency. You need to take action before this extreme pact can be implemented. And if the TPP is implemented, our right to share, modify, and experiment with content and technology could be faced with overly severe restrictions. As such, this site could be brought to its end, once and for all.

You can help stop the TPP by signing the below petition:…
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Have a very, very splendid day/night wherever you are!
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